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Christmas Present Rescue

The evil Christmas Goblin is trying to steal all the Christmas presents from under the tree. Stop him before he gets away with them all, but be careful the goblin isn't the only one playing around with the presents. Test your skill at whacking the Christmas Goblin (and only the goblin) as he starts popping up faster and faster. How many presents can you save before the goblin finally gets away?

Christmas Present Rescue is the debut release for Gameldar Technologies. It is a whack-a-mole game where the goblin, elves, reindeer and penguins are popping up from behind presents. Whack the goblin to stop him stealing the presents, but don't hurt those cute little elves, reindeer or penguins.

Christmas Present Rescue started out as the creation of the family's Elf on a Shelf, Jamie, as a parting present for Christmas 2013. However he broke all sorts of copyright in his haste to have something done. So I've recreated it for release for this Christmas!